Barrel aged stouts and porters

Proprietors (’13- 2 years old) (Goose Island)

Proprietors (’15) (Goose Island)

Parabola (Firestone Walker)

Vanilla (Goose Island)

Backyard Rye (Goose Island)

Chocolate Rain (The Bruery)

Bramble Rye (Goose Island)

Mocha Wednesday (The Bruery) Read More

Kedai Tuak di Lorong Pasar

(Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia)

While wandering the bustling streets of the UNESCO World Heritage city: Georgetown, Penang- we walked from the (Chinese) Clan Jetties all the way to Little India; all while stuffing our faces with world-class food, taking pictures with some famous street art, observing the harmony of an Islamic mosque, Hindu temple, Buddhist temple, and Catholic church all on the same street, and eventually, ending up at the oldest “Toddy” shop on the island.

We strolled into a single room with a caged counter, a motorcycle parked inside, and three guys watching bootleg DVDs of old Baliwood films.  Needless to say, I was instantly drawn into the vibe. I ordered two Toddies that came in, what looked like, the plastic mugs you could dig out of the bottom of a cereal box in the 90s and after a quick prompting to “have a seat boss” just passively reveled in surrounding laughter, a movie I didn’t understand with a 1970’s onomatopoeia fight scene, and a buzz that, at 10-22% abv (no one really knows apparently), came real.  Read More