Anaheim Brewery

(Anaheim, CA)

After a short break from our tour for some amazing Pho and BBQ at the Anaheim Packing House we strolled across the park to the Anaheim Brewery.

Starting off with a Hefe that lead with nice banana, but didn’t finsh with any cloves.  Smooth and creamy, but not my favorite

Following suit with the hefe- the Red was smooth and drinkable, but a little lack luster in the flavor department.

Anaheim’s flagship 1888 is a really nice amber lager.  As the story goes- the first brick was laid in 1888 and this amber lager pays homage to the first brew out of the gate.  For me it’s reminiscent of some of the east coast amber lagers that I fell in love with and grew up on in my craft beer journey.  Well done!

In a world where everyone makes an IPA, whether they’re my favorite or not, your IPA game needs to be on point to stand out from the crowd.   Anaheim’s was citrusy and not great.

At least I saved the best for last.  La Morena is a sultry brunette that I could dance with all night.  Not typically a fan of the style, but this is one of, if not, THE best Mexican lagers I’ve had.  La Morena adds a little substance to her lighter and more summery cousins: Like a woman with more meat on her bones.

Overall, they have two excellent lagers, but the rest fell a little flat when you stack them up to some of today’s competition.  No complaints about the friendliness either, but I give Anaheim Brewery a 6.7 out of 10.

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