Other Half Brewing

(Brooklyn, NY)

Being back for Christmas after this past year and a half in AZ awesome:  Filled with family, friends, good food, and yes, delicious beer. I’ve had one of Other Half’s brews (All green everything IPA) in the past, so when it was suggested to give them a try in person I was all for it.  This place is the definition of a whole in the wall- not in the sense that it’s a dump, in the sense that it is literally not much bigger than a whole. This place would feel uncomfortable if there were more than 10 people in it.  It totally fit in in Brooklyn and we loved the ambiance as soon as we walked in. Tasting glasses and full size pints and snifters we available so I ordered a few and we squeezed into a crowded corner.

First up was Mylar Bags Imp IPA.  This IPA is a total dank juice bomb as the kids are saying these days.  Mylar bags starts off with a big robust hop and finished with citrus and mango.  I really enjoyed this

Next up was the Centennial IPA.  This one was really piney which is typical of a single hop centennial-  not very balanced, but not overly bitter either. Not Other Half’s best IPA, but still outranks quite a few others.

We’ve been out there in orbit stout was definitely drinkable with some light and mellow roasted malts.  There wasn’t much else going on with this by the numbers stout- I expected more out of a 12% abv.

Finishing up with Short, dark, and wired was bad choice.  Thought I picked up a hint of cocoa and vanilla in the beginning, but was blasted with smoke and cigarettes towards the end.  Not a fan.

The darker beers weren’t exactly show stopping, but these guys are pumping our some crazy IPAs nestled in a tiny little spot in BK and are getting no complaints from me.  All in all I give Other Half Brewing Company an 8.1 out of 10.

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