Mother Bunch Brewing

(Phoenix, AZ)

Wanting just to try a new place for our bi-weekly food cheat day and that new place ending up being a brewery always makes me happy.  The confusingly named brewery is smack dab in the up and coming, trendy, downtown Phoenix scene. We were seated immediately and helped for the entirety of our stay by an amazing server, we loved the atmosphere, I had THE largest and one of the best tasting burgers I’ve ever had and there beers are top notch.

I have argued with myself dozens of times about whether or not I should ‘drink the rainbow’ and give a true review of the different styles of beers, but this time I gave into my desires and got an all dark flight.  We got our burgers, my flight, The Editor’s IPA, and went to town.

Starting with a few sips of the Old Skool IPA I found a nice balance between malt and cascade hops, but nothing to write home about.  Or maybe now that I’m sitting down to write this article I’m just thinking about how amazing the next four beers were?

Cherry Popper Porter was big on cherry aroma and a little less on the taste buds.  It was also mildly chocolaty and had a nice thick mouth feel for a porter.

Next up was the oatmeal chocolate milk stout.  True to the style and the name- this one was earthy and sweet.  Not a ton of chocolate coming through, but not as bitter as other oatmeal stouts I’ve had and truly tasty.

Immediately following the OCMS I had the nitro.  Very similar, yet somehow a little better. Aside from the typical velvety and creamy mouth feel the nitro allowed a bit more chocolate to make it’s way through.  Well done.

Saving the best for last Mounds Stout is just that:  dark chocolate, coconut, just enough sweet, but not too much, and a perfect thickness for not being a BA stout. Believe the hype- I am so glad we go to give this one a try.

Again, I can’t say enough about this brewery, from start to finish they did everything right.  My readers know I prefer barrel aged beers the most, but short of that fact I’d stack these guys up against many of the more renowned places we’ve been.  All in all I give Mother Bunch Brewing a 9.4 out of 10.

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