Ashley Lynn Winery

(Waterloo, NY)

This wasn’t your typical tasting as we just popped in to a tiny outlet in the local mall when I was home.  They weren’t full size pours either, but we were able to try one ounce of how ever many we wanted for free and we bought a bottle to bring home- so, I thought Ashley Lynn deserved a write up.

I started off with a fruit wine that I knew would be on the sweet end. Pomegranate Passion wasn’t bad, but I like the fruit wines that bring out more mellow tastes like a blackberry or blueberry.  There were some more on the list, but we were in a hurry so I moved on to the more traditional wines.

Jed’s White definitely tastes like a blend and not a single varietal, but I really liked this one.  This Niagara white is better than the riesling and the chard which is rare for me. Nice job Jed!

Jed’s Red was another really delicious and nicely balanced wine.  Semi-sweet can mean a lot of different things depending on who is telling you that it’s “semi” sweet or dry, but this one nails it.  Balanced between tangy and sweet to dry, warm, and mellow.

Autumn Blush was way to sweet of a rose.  Candy notes that my taste buds associate with an arbor mist white zin.

I’ve come to expect a lot from upstate NY rieslings.  This one wasn’t really up to snuff. It was a bit too citrusy with not enough mellow fruits or floral aromas.

The last one on the tasting was the chardonnay.  Not a bad chard, but very heavily oaked and a little too buttery.  No matter sweet or dry I’ve come to enjoy the cleaner chardonnays out there.  If you like the oaky side of the spectrum- definitely give her a try.

The cabernet sauvignon wasn’t my favorite (“Jed” is doing some good work out there), but I enjoyed this bottle much more than the tasting overall. This cab was warm and dry with a slight tartness in the middle without being overly oaked and/or spiced.

It wasn’t the best wine tasting, but we were a bit rushed and it’s tough to get a full grasp on their wines and operation in a setting like that.  I’d really love to get up to the main winery and give them a try. I give Ashley Lynn Winery a 6.6 out of 10.

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