Lucidi Distillery/ Fire Station #1

(Peoria, AZ)

This is a very auspicious article.  First, if you see her, wish The Editor a wonderful birthday and second, this is the first official tasting and review I’ve done of a distillery.

Right off the bat Fire Station No. 1, which was literally an old Peoria fire station, grabs you with its brick facade and reclaimed/ rustic indoor decor.

Starting of with the Forcible Entry Vodka was an easier beginning than I thought it’d be.  I’m not typically a big fan of straight vodka, but this one was smooooove. One of the smoothest I’ve ever tried.

I hate gin.  I tried theirs.  I still hate gin.

“Whiskey drinkers turn into gin drinkers in the summertime”… I’d rather sweat.

I enjoy whiskey, I really enjoy the smooth textures of Canadian whiskey, and I really, really enjoyed Fire Station No. 1 whiskey. This one had every element of grain and malts and remained balanced with just the right amount of slow burn.  I’d love a stout aged in these barrels. So good!

Finishing off with a Virgin Island’s style white rum, Crooked Ladder Rum burned a little more than I’d like- particularly after a whiskey.  Not bad, but not at all what I’m used to or what I expected.

We really loved this place, the friendly staff, and the delicious spirits, but the prices left me with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth.  A $9 mixed drink and a $20 tasting is a bit much given the area. All in all I give Lucidi Distilling Company an 8.6 out of 10.

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