Wanderlust Brewing

(Flagstaff, AZ)

Minutes after a vicious defeat at the hands of the Flagstaff men’s rugby club The Editor and I decided to hit up the only brewery in Flag we hadn’t tried yet, instead of watching a B-side match while we waited for the drink-up.

We loved the inviting garage door, outdoor seating, small bar, and raw wire-spool tables.  We ordered a flight and a $2 pint ($2 fill with the purchase of an $8 snifter glass) and soaked up some much needed sunshine.

The beginning of my wandering started with Chateau Americana. Americana is a really light and drinkable pale ale.  A few of the lighter pub style ales I’ve had recently left the flavor behind in their attempt to stay lighter- this one still maintains a nice flavorful hop balance.

The next discovery was one of the best saisons and beers I’ve had in general in recent months was 928 local.  This beer was intense: flowery with a sweet honey finish. Seriously delicious and so good we went back for more after the flight.

The third brew we stumbled on was the Dunkelweizen.  This dunkel was CRAZY unique. I picked up on some caramel on the front end and finished with light clove and some earthy and tart wood undertones.  I didn’t love it or hate it, but it reminded me of my dad’s backyard, mushroom hooch.

Pan American Stout tasted metallic like copper or sour oats maybe. Not good.

Pan-Am Nitro was the same just smoother.

I was definitely looking forward to something fresh after those stouts. Alpine Start was slightly tart and a little bitter with some citrus zest. Not a bad beer, but really mild compared to the current sour trends.

The last brew on our journey was Vermillion red IPA.  Obviously brewed with sorachi hops as it stayed true to a light herbal flavor: basil or dill. It finished with a powerfully sweet malt.

We loved the setting, loved the name, and pretty happy with everything except the stout.  All in all I give Wanderlust Brewing Company a 8.65 out of 10.

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