Mesquite River Brewing

(Scottsdale, AZ)

*2019 edit- Permanently closed

I understand that, many times, space is limited, but I’m really starting to hate the common trend of breweries hidden in strip malls in the Phoenix area.

A little early in the season for most places, but appropriate for AZ as summer quickly approaches- we started off with the Summer Ale. The summer ale was light and refreshing, with a little lemon zest bitterness, but forgot the sweet citrus that’s supposed to come with it.

Second taste- Pale Rider, was creamy and drinkable, but not really hoppy for the style and a bit bland.

Bad Bob was light and floral, but not very “bad” in the flavor department.

To The Wall IPA was odd.  It almost had a dry gin-like quality with fresh pine and berries.  A unique take on IPA, but not my favorite.

Way Off Camber Imperial Amber (or ‘Way of Camber Imperial Ambver’ if you’re taking stock in printed menus) was really interesting for lack of a better word.  It’s not barrel aged, but had unique notes of a sweet liquor (maybe brandy) with a delicate and not overly malty finish.

Bubblin’ Crude had a nice subtle sweetness, not to much coffee, what tasted like chocolate bitters, and was incredibly smooth and creamy.  Nitro? No?! Damn!

The last two were Ole Number Six and it’s next generation sibling.  Ole Number Six was reminiscent of a sweet, peach, tart. Not really all that sour and more like a slightly sour fruit ale, but not bad.

Ole Number 6.1 was a bit more sour than its predecessor, but not very good.  

Killer stout, decent amber, but I didn’t really love the rest of their beers.  Loved the finished, wooden flights, but they didn’t really fit in with the rest of the brewery.  All in all I give Mesquite River Brewing a 6.3 out of 10.

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