Steamworks Brewing

(Durango, CO)

We loaded up the vehicle with all the belongings we couldn’t manage to sell, give away, or burn and we started off the first leg of our suds soaked cross country trip leaving Glendale, AZ, briefly stopping for brunch and Prescott, AZ and hitting Durango, CO at about 10pm.  I have to preface this article with; it was late, we had the dog with us, and the person who we were staying with (a life long friend of my mom’s) was waiting up for us, so we picked up our food and a 6 pack to go. That being said, though this isn’t a typical article for me, the food and the beer were too good to not write it up.

We ordered a Colorado specialty- a killer cheeseburger, cooked to perfection and topped with diced green chili, we also ordered an amazing chopped salad with big chunks of smoked salmon, couscous, and dried cranberries, among other things, and we paired them with their award winning Steam Engine Lager.

Steam engine is a traditional west coast style lager with light, but still noticeable spice.  She starts a little sweet and finishes dry all while staying smooth and seriously drinkable throughout.

Apologies for the poor picture quality (again- rushed) as well as skipping the X out of 10 rating I usually do:  Hopefully you still enjoy the random Gitmo koozie. The food was great, the lager was good, and I would definitely recommend Steamworks to anyone close enough to get there, but 10 more of their beers could have been the best ever or the worst ever and I don’t feel passing judgement, whether it be positive or negative, wouldn’t be fair.

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