Iron Monk Brewing

(Stillwater, OK)

Much like our previous stop along the dusty trail, hitting a brewery in Stillwater, while staying with friends, proved to be a little more difficult than I’d hoped.  We had the dog with us, we showed up after the brewery closed on Saturday night, and they’re closed on Sundays. Though this isn’t the typical write up, our amazing friends popped in before we got there and put together a little bit of everything from Iron Monk and The Editor and I were not disappointed.

After 13 hours on the road from CO to OK, Stilly Wheat was the perfect summertime sipper.  At a light and drinkable 4% abv this brew was a reminiscent throwback to a first sip of a citrusy/wheat ale while sitting in a lawn chair almost a decade ago that helped to start my obsession.  I could drink WAY too many of these.

We saved the rest of the brews for the next day while we played games and lounged about.  We poured the Exit 174 Rye Pale Ale and frankly- you might want to skip it and take the next exit.  174 has a nice hazy, golden color, slightly malty back bone, with a slightly bitter finish, but I wasn’t overwhelmed with flavor and was disappointed by the lack of rye.

The next Iron Monk brew was Payne Country Imperial IPA.  I feel like the review of this beer should have an asterisk next to it.  The reason I say that is because there’s a big push towards the bigger and more bitter the better, or towards the super hazy, dank, juice bombs and a lot of the IPA hunters I know in the beer community wouldn’t like this beer at all.  This guy (insert picture of me pointing two thumbs straight at myself) loved it. Payne Country was seriously sweet and malty with a slight touch of pine and little to no bitterness on the tail end; very surprising for 100 ibus.

Last, but not least, was a full growler of Iron Monk Milk Stout.  This one was a prototype for the style, but gave itself another little boost up the rankings by not being overly sweet and kicking in a creaminess that is not standard of stouts that aren’t barrel aged.  My buddy was stoked for me to try out this stout and I can really see why.

Unlike the last article, we were able to try more than one beer, but I still feel it unfair to give a rating of the brewery since I wasn’t able to visit the actual location. The being said-  we’ll be back in Stillwater at some point in our travels and I’ll be making it a point to pop in to Iron Monk because 3/4 of those beers were crazy good.


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