Arcadia Ales

(Kalamazoo, MI)

First, sorry for the delay in this article- after being all over the country we were all over New York state and connectivity and computer sit down time has been sparse.  Second, this is another non-traditional article for me, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shout out a beautiful brewery with some awesome beers that has been making a regional splash; we even saw their beers at gas stations in Ohio and PA.

Shortly after our stop at Boatyard, we popped into Arcadia before our next day’s early morning departure. We each started with a pint and then finished with a pour from a delicious, deep, dark pitcher.

Normally, I’m not the biggest IPA fan, which means that even further down my list is a session IPA.  Before I even read the description, the name Right Bower had to be tasted; its title got my attention as a nod to a great game.  I’m a huge fan of the card game Euchre, and it’s not all that commonplace in places we’ve lived. Well, when in Michigan right? Right Bower wasn’t overly flavorful, but was nice and smooth and wouldn’t be a bad option if you want to drink 20 instead of 10 and not mess with your Euchre skills.

After a nice easy pint, we ordered a pitcher of Loch Down Scotch Ale.  After my favorite scotch ale from a few states south west changed their recipe and ruined the taste, I’ve been a wee skeptical of the style.  Much like a confirmed Nessy sighting, Loch Down didn’t disappoint. This caramel and nutty ale was big on flavor with just enough balance between bitter hop and sweet malt.

Everything from the beer to the atmosphere was crisp, clean, and laid back. We had a delicious burger, and I loved the view.  Service was spotty, but Loch Down made up for that. All in all, I give Arcadia Ales an 8.3 out of 10. Some of our dearest friends are just outside of K-zoo, so maybe in a couple of years you’ll get a little Arcadia update.

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