CH Evans Brewing (at the Albany Pump Station)

(Albany, NY)

Shortly after our cross country trip the rest of our summer was similarly sporadic.  We spent a month in Queens, a month in upstate NY (split between Albany and Binghamton) and then we moved to South Korea on August 12th.  Like I said, it’s been a crazy ride, but we’ve visited some awesome places along the way. We starting off the summer with CH Evans Brewing.

I loved the location of their building and the building itself, and for an interesting change of pace- this was the first brewery without The Editor and the first brewery with my old man.

Though I can get down with some Crockett and Tubbs I wasn’t a big fan of Miami Weiss.  I found it a little too tart for the style while lacking complexity.

Another ode to Germany by CH Evans; a namesake of the quaint square the brewery resides in; Quackenbush Blonde is light and easy drinking.  This blonde has a slight hop and malt balance, but not overly flavorful. I can’t hate though- this is a perfect summer brew.

When you’re one of any thousands of breweries in New York State, and probably one hundred or so in the capitol region, your summer drinking beers have to be on point.  Hazy days of summer is just that. We’re on beer #3, and so far, each one has that smooth texture and nicely balanced quality for front porch sittin’.

Boysenberries grow naturally on the family farm where I grew up.  I love boysenberries in pie, in stew, boysenberry jam, and even raw.  In my mind Boysenberry hef was going to be a light and deliciously sweet ale that even a young Jesse would have done back flips for.  Boysenberry hef was NOT bad, but falls into the category of not quite living up to what I had hoped for.

I love saisons and I hated Speltman Saison.  Not sure why. I’ve looked up other reviews since- maybe this was a bad batch, had some soap in the glass, or something- either way, next.

I felt Pump station pale ale was out of order on this flight, but rather than changing things around how I see fit, which is what I used to do, I just went with what they brought me.  This time, it turns out that the flight transitioned very nicely. Pump Station pale was less balanced than the rest and came through with a nice hop forward dryness.

After seeing multiple gold medals on the wall (multiple golds at gabf, bronx, and wbf) I was really excited for Kick ass brown. Kick ass brown is thicker than some stouts and porters I’ve had with a serious mouth feel.  This beer has a kick ass malt character and rounds off with a caramel and chocolate finish. Seriously- believe the hype on this one.

The last brew was their Oatmeal stout (nitro).  It’s probably KAB’s fault, but this one was too light.  This stout had an OK oat profile, but like a said- not thick or creamy enough.

The brewery is beautiful, the area is awesome, my dad and I split some awesome calamari and despite some of the brews falling a little flat, it was an awesome experience.  I give CH Evans Brewing Company an 8.7 out of 10.

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