Blue Stone Brewing

On the way home from Elmira my buddy said “Well, when we dip into PA there’s another brewery on the way home…” we replied, simply, “duh.”

We started with Peach fuzz.  This brew was ok, not completely lacking of flavor, but I always have a hard time with a beer whose flavor falls short of the flavor its aroma leads me to believe it has.

Next up was the Strawberry wheat.  Very similarly to my complaint from above, only worse, I was not a fan of the lack of strawberry in this brew.

Thankfully, on the quite opposite end of the spectrum, BlackBerry 1537 was crazy good.  I think the past three brews can chalk themselves up to time of year and what was in season.  Blackberry wheat was the perfect balance of sweet and savory with mouth feel to match. I would liken it to a fine blackberry pie that wasn’t too loaded with sugar.

Thunder ckn maple porter was lack luster for me.  Nice maple notes, but too thin (even for a porter).  Worth noting is the bartender was busy trying to pre-close and I didn’t want to be that guy who pipes up to say “Dude, what’s ckn stand for?”, so it shall remain a mystery.  Or it stand for chicken. Let’s go with chicken.

Edit* I began writing the above on Monday and finished on Thursday when I thought a bit of research was in order.  Turns out it does stand for chicken. You can nickname me the beer-oracle if you want- no? Ok.

Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee Coolatta Stout was perfectly sweet with a nice coffee balance, but was seriously thin with a weak 5% abv.  Not quite doughnut-y; more like a subtle milk stout.

Wild berry sour made me wish I had ended with doughnut.  In a time when sours are all the rage and every brewer and their mother is trying to pump out everything from fruity and semi sour to the liquid version of a warhead I tend to be a little more critical.  Wild berry sour was too metallic and lacked a backbone of anything close to wild berry. No thank you.

All in all I give Bluestone Brewing Company 6 out of 10… I wasn’t overly impressed

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