Pong Dang Craft Beer Co.

(Itawewon, Seoul, SK)

Just because you move out of the US doesn’t mean you have to forget about craft beer.  It took us a few weeks get settled and our first few days of exploring and adventure were more cultural and historical, but I couldn’t stay away from the local craft beer scene:  Enter Pong Dang Craft Beer Company. Flights weren’t available at the time, but I don’t need a flight to try what’s available on tap. They made it simple with only three available brews… so I had a pint of each.

I started with Half Moon Pilsner.  This Czech-style pilsner is prototypical.  The Czech style is a little more earthy and spicy than a typical German Pils.  I don’t love pilsners in general, but Half Moon starts with a crisp hop and finishes a little peppery.  Not bad.

I was really excited for the second beer; BA Apple Waffle.  Apple waffle smelled like a fresh box of honey crisp cereal, but it was all downhill from there.  This bourbon barrel aged blonde was too tangy for my taste. I was lulled into a false sense of security by a sweet maple beginning- a sweet start that rapidly turned sour.  I suspect oak and bourbon weren’t the best of options for this blonde.

I finished with APT coffee porter.  APT was paper thin, but held its own in the flavor department.  I could taste the quality roasts that started with sweet latte and was followed by a semi-bitter espresso finish.  Not the worst porter I’ve had, but I need me some body in my brewskis.

I’m actually hesitant to grade this brewery; only because this is my first international review.  I don’t have anywhere in Korea to compare them to and I don’t want to rate unfairly. I guess I just have to consider the entire globe one big craft beer family.  I was disappointed by Apple Waffle and not overly impressed with the others, but I loved small and simple upstairs tap room- all in all I give Pong Dang a 7.75 out of 10.

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