3 BearS Brewery

**2019 Edit- No longer in business

(Bangkok, Thailand)

Despite Bangkok being more of a cheap beer and street food kind of town than a craft beer kind of town I couldn’t very well leave Thailand without tracking down a brewery to add to the list.  We now added a third country to our stats and have no desire to stop anytime soon. I should have Bobby V write me a song: “Craft beerin’ all over the world”. Before I begin- it should also be noted the capital ‘R’ is not a typo.  Anyway, we ordered our first non-Thai meal in over a week (still not sure if I was excited or disappointed by that), a flight, and got down to business.

The first brew was Goldilocks blonde.  This blonde has slightly more body than normal and light sweetness that accompanied a subtle hop character.  Easy to drink during the day for sure- Goldilocks wasn’t too sweet or too bitter, too warm or too cold, too big or too small… this one was juuuust right.

Jackal Pale ale was another surprisingly well-balanced brew.  I’ve said this before, but sometimes the pale ale can be left by the wayside in a brewery’s line up.  Jackal was a bit on the sweet side and not overly hopped, but the superior drinkability really pushed this one into the plus side for me.  I think Bruce Willis would approve.

Hunter’s IPA missed its mark.  Actually, it sat in the tree stand for 12 hours and did even fire a shot.  Five years ago I may have been ok with this IPA, but it really was lacking any hop profile at all; even though it’s still not my favorite style I can still recognize quality or not.

The last brew, sadly, was more of the same in terms of stouts I’ve had in Asia thus far.  Gorilla Stout wasn’t completely incompetent in the flavor department, but when you drink a dark beer and it’s thinner than a pilser…or water, that’s a problem.

I’m still glad we went and Off the Wagon Tasting got to add a new feather to the hat, but it’s a bit off the beaten path, a bit overpriced, particularly for Bangkok, and I wasn’t in love with the beer.  I can honestly say it’s the best (only) burger I have ever had in Thailand, but still- all in all, I give 3 BeaRs Brewing a 7.2 out of 10.

‘Til next time- Chịyo!

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