Devil’s Door Brewery

(Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea)

Amazingly enough, Friday the 13th and the title of this article are purely coincidental.  

I had high hopes for Devil’s Door as it’s in a trendy area, near the express bus terminal in Gangnam, and is relatively new.  A short time after being there we realized that the vibe was a forced version of trendy-hipster, the food was seriously overpriced, and the beers were alright, but nothing to write home about.  

The Devils Door Pale Ale might as well have been a by the numbers light ale.  No real character or distinct qualities that I could even pick out of this beer.  I could down tons of these on a sunny afternoon, but I wouldn’t really enjoy myself.

Helles Lager was by far the best of the bunch.  Fitting to the style- it was a malty version of a typical crisp, Czech pilsner.  Koreans seem to be big fans of the pils and this was a nice change of pace to what’s been on tap lately.  I definitely recommend this one as the summer months begin to get muggy and hot.

The Devil’s Door IPA had all the makings of your typical “we made an IPA because everybody has to make an IPA” IPA.  A blending of hop characters with no distinction of its own.

Devil’s Door stout could have been alright if it wasn’t a watery mess.  It had some nice chocolate undertones, and a savory coffee finish, but didn’t impress me.

I wonder if it has more to do with the fact that, as much as they try to pass it off as such, it’s not really a local micro-brewery; it’s operated and managed by Shinsegae Foods.  It would be like if a chain mall like Tanger Outlets had a brewery pop up- it might be fun if there’s nothing else around, but with some healthy competition nearby, it’s very underwhelming.  

I’m always willing to give a brewery another try, but, for now, I give Devil’s Door Brewery a 5.49 out of 10

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