Budnamu Brewery

(Gangneung, South Korea)

I would like to start this article off on a good note. The food here was fantastic! We were a party of six this time around and not one person had a complaint about the food. From sliders to mac n’ cheese and even steak- everything was solid. That being said- if I wanted to go to a trendy spot to get some good eats I would have, but I wanted to go to a brewery. It’s all a bit less fantastic moving forward.
I truly don’t mind waiting a bit when a place is busy- add more when the place is trendy busy- still, an hour-long wait didn’t exactly brighten my mood. Regardless, we ordered some food and our drinks. I got a flight (that I wasn’t able to change) and some killer pulled pork sliders.
Minori Session was flat and flavorless. A session is supposed to mean less alcohol, not less taste.
Zeumeu Blanc was an interesting take on a saison. This was my first saison/farmhouse outside of the states and though, I didn’t love it, I respect the effort. Zeumeu was smooth and slightly tart with a nice breadiness.
I definitely picked up on the slight notes of pine they were going for, but I think they skimped on the ingredients with Pine City Pale Ale.
Ojuck Stout was chocolaty at first, but finished metallic and was paper thin throughout- I really could have done without it.
I would’ve liked to try one of their sours, but by the time food and beer arrived and we finished we were ready to head somewhere else. All in all, I give Budnamu Brewing a 6.4 out of 10. Truthfully, their food is a saving grace, and the reason for the 6.4, particularly if you’re looking for some western grub in a sea of Korean food, but it wasn’t good enough to salvage much more than that.

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