Taipei Brewery/Baby Taipei Brewing Co

(Taipei City, Taiwan)

Under the major corporation; Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor is the Taipei Brewery that pumps out national beverages like Taiwan lager.  Within that major brewery is Baby Taipei Brewing pumping out some pretty awesome, small-batch brews. There was no food, but the beers were on point and the brewery itself had an awesome atmosphere with a chill outdoor sitting area.  This type of thing really doesn’t exist in the states (to my knowledge): It would be like Coors having an awesome microbrewery within their distribution plant in Denver.
ANYWAY- we had the mass-produced stuff in bars and restaurants throughout the week, which compared to other countries’ major brands isn’t bad, so we grabbed a few bottles and took a load off.
First up was Taipei Blonde Ale.  There wasn’t a ton of flavor packed in this bottle, but I could have sat and sipped all day if we didn’t have a few more places to see.  It’s always my dilemma when we’re on vacation: We have so many things to do that I’m left thinking- “Well, I wouldn’t mind living next door for a month or two.”  Baby Taipei really captures my idea of a ‘porch sittin’ brew.
Our second bottle was Osmanthus Herb Beer.  Oddly enough, my first sip of osmanthus was a mere few minutes before.  This one outdid Zhang Men slightly, but I still wasn’t in love with it. It draws you in with a sweet apricot and buttery nose, but follows with a dirty earthiness that leaves you feeling a little disappointed.
If this was the first stout I’d had in Taiwan and compared it to the bad ones I’ve had in Korea I might be inclined to rate it a little higher, but now that I know IT CAN BE DONE I wasn’t all that impressed with their Oatmeal Stout.  Chocolatey, but in a burnt nib way and malty, but in a little bit stay kind of way.
All in all, we loved our experience and the beer was pretty good, but not that upper echelon.  I 100% would do again and recommend. Baby Taipei gets an 8.1 out of 10.

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