Redpoint Brewing Company

(Taipei City, Taiwan)

Lucky for us Taipei is crawling with street food, so we had ample sustenance during the day, regardless of that, by the time Redpoint opened we were on brewery number four, intoxicated, and hungry.  I was so ready for what turned out to be the best wings and burger I’ve had in over a year that I only managed to get a picture of the wings and two pints; not the burger and other two pints we had.
The first person to greet us after setting up chairs by himself and training a new waitress wasn’t a random bar manager or server, but the co-owner and head brewer himself.  We were the first ones in the door, but were quickly followed by 3 groups of 3-5 people who seemed as though spending time there was as easy as spending time at momma’s table.  Everyone in Taipei seemed nice and hospitable, but this place has something just a step above the status quo.
The first pint was 台.P.A (Tai P.A.):  A nicely balanced, crisp and smooth IPA – I’m not sure what else was in there, but it had an obvious sorachi character.  As I said- I was already pretty hungry and this one went down real quick (so who really knows?!), but well done nonetheless.
Next up was Rock Monkey stout.  This one was a bit too hop forward, for a stout, and for my liking.  It was also a bit thin and finished with what was probably supposed to be coffee roast, but manifested like burnt toast.
Disco Macaw is tagged as a Juicy pale ale with simco, mosiac, and citra.  I loved the balance and the blending of character in this pale ale. I’ve had worse NEIPAs IN New England.  Nice refreshing brew!
Our last pint was the Cherry Stuffed Summer IPA.  I think this placement was a bit out of order as we were letting our stomachs do the thinking, so perhaps that’s why this one didn’t impress or perhaps it was due to it being in circulation too long (we were there during the beginning of Oct), but regardless- I didn’t love it.  There wasn’t much cherry past the aroma and the hops were a little stale. Silver lining: It was impressively light for 8.6%.
Beers went 2/4, but the food was amazing and the friendly staff put them over the edge in the win column.  Probably won’t be back to Taipei with so many other destinations on the list, but we’ll find ourselves at Redpoint if we do.  All in all, I give Redpoint Brewing Co an 8.2 out of 10.
Look for the tag (RPBC) to see where they fall in the style rankings!

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