Barrel aged stouts and porters

Proprietors (’13- 2 years old) (Goose Island)

Proprietors (’15) (Goose Island)

Parabola (Firestone Walker)

Vanilla (Goose Island)

Backyard Rye (Goose Island)

Chocolate Rain (The Bruery)

Bramble Rye (Goose Island)

Mocha Wednesday (The Bruery)

Apple Brandy Noir (Prairie)

Rare (’15- 1.5 yrs old) (Goose Island)

Cherry Rye (Goose Island)

Abyss (’14- 2 yrs old) (Deschutes)

Dark Lord (Three Floyds)

Uncle Jacobs (Avery)

Black Tuesday (The Bruery)

Tweak (Avery)

Oilman (Elevation)

Siren’s Song (Boatyard)

Black Albert (Struise)

BA Bomb (Prairie)

BC Regal Rye (Goose Island)

Big Bad Baptist (Epic)

Grey Monday (The Bruery)

Yellow Belly (Buxton/Omnipolo)

BA Abraxas (Perennial)

BC Coffee (Goose Island)

Black Note (Bells)

KBS (Founders)

Anniversary 16 (Central Waters)

Xochoveza (Stone)

Eclipse (Highwest) (50/50)

Pirate Bomb (Prairie)

So Happens it’s Tuesday (The Bruery)

Eclipse (Spanish rum) (50/50)

Berserker (Midnight Sun)

Black Butte 27th Anniversary (Deschutes)

BA Ten Fidy (Oskar Blues)

BC Stout (Goose Island)

PumpKYn (Avery)

BA Old Rasputin (North Coast)

BA Stout (Pedal Haus)

Plead the 5th (ark Horse)

Michigan Maple Jesus (Evil Twin)

Imperial (Lagunitas)

Sirius Black (4 Peaks)

Dark Hollow (Blue Mount.)

Dragon’s Milk (New Holland)

Xocoveza Charred (Stone)

Double Barrel Jesus (’14- 3 yrs old) (Evil Twin)

BA Yeti (’13- 2 yrs old) (Great Divide)

BA PB&J Framinghammer (Jack’s Abbey)

Dark Lord (’13- 2 yrs old) (Three Floyds)

Even More Jesus (Evil Twin)

Xocoveza Winter spiced mocha (Stone)

Xocoveza Extra Anejo (Stone)

Red Thunder (Victory)

’14 Cask (Brooklyn)

Mr. Casties Vilius Porter (Bells)

Even Less Jesus (Evil Twin/Stillwater)

Dark Lord (’09- 4 yrs old) (Three Floyds)


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