Mikkeller Brewing- CPH

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

I’ve had a few of Mikkeller’s beers already.  They’ve collaborated with breweries all over the world, they’re not hard to find in the US, and 1 or 2 of them rank among some of the best beers I’ve ever had, but to be able to have them on tap?  AT the brewery IN Copenhagen?  This visit was awesome.  We had an 8-hour layover, so we wandered around the stunning Nyhavn Warf, had a bite to eat, and made it back to the airport to get, accidentally, really drunk before our overnight flight.

Noteworthy Mikkeller beers I’ve had in the past are:

  • Beer Geek: Coco Shake
  • Beer Geek: Vanilla Shake
  • Beer Geek:  Brunch Weasel
  • Barrel-Aged George

This trip we started off with a flight, then two more pours and finished with a great can.

The first on the list was their Airport Farmhouse Saison.  This one interested me because it wasn’t just brewed in Copenhagen, but they also have a line of 3- 5 rotating beers that are brewed IN the airport.  This brew had some lemon peel and peppercorns for sure, but what I loved about it was its crisp freshness.  Maybe it was the placebo effect, but my mouth truly believes that the beer that came out of that tap was less than a week old.  Great beer.

The middle of the lineup was Scour Scandinavia.  This brew started incredibly tart and dry, but finished with a mellow sweetness that I would liken to an overly ripe pineapple.  Really, really well done.

Next up was Tattoo Inked #2.  There was definitely some citrus and sweet peaches with a creamy mouthfeel in this one, but with the addition of the lactose to make it thicker and sweeter I think they went a little overboard and ruined the balance.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite of the day nor is it on the list of favorite hazy IPAs.

Mikkeller’s Beer Geek line never disappoints and though oatmeals aren’t my favorite stout style Beer Geek Breakfast holds up.  BG breakfast comes through hard on the nose and the first sip with espresso and dark chocolate, is smooth throughout and finishes with a complex bitterness.

I wanted to give George a try to see if the base stout (pre barrel aging) holds up and because it’s been a while since I had it.  George is a thick, oily stout with a great mouthfeel, tons of cocoa, chocolate and dark fruits.  It smells great and tastes even better.  This is a great stout already and if you can imagine, even better BA’d, so get your hands on it if you can.

Lastly, not on tap, but still amazing in a can: cocoa, vanilla, maple Beer Geek.  If anyone could criticize this brew they could say that it is too sweet and syrupy.  I couldn’t drink too many, but as a stand-alone brew?  I loved it.

I’ve only ever had one bad Mikkeller beer in my life and I’m pretty sure it was the fault of the person who cellared it before I drank it.  We started this journey, going on, 8 years ago and this truly ranks among the top 3- 5 breweries I’ve been to.  All in all, I give Mikkeller Brewing Company (Copenhagen) a 9.6 out of 10.

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