Beer Tree Brewing Company

(Port Crane, NY)

I have a few things to say about Beer Tree before I fill you in on their brews.  First of all, this review is a couple of weeks late, so a few of their taps have changed since we were there, but we did so much beer exploration from August to October that it took this long to get it to the site because I try to review in order.  You know I take good notes though, so no worries there.  Second, this post is coming at an interesting time for Beer Tree since they’re currently under public scrutiny for a PR mistake posted on social media.  I try not to get involved with issues like this and take sides, but to the pesky social media warriors who insist on berating the brewery- I say stop being offended by EEEEEVERything and accept the apology because mistakes happen, to Beer Tree I say take a deep breath and keep pouring great beers. Third, I have to say I’m also mad at Beer Tree, but not for what you think:  I’m mad because it took me moving out of the country for the greater small-town southern tier to do anything cool!

On to the beer.  They’re pouring some great hazy IPAs that I’ve been missing the past couple of years, a couple of smooth sippin’ mainstays, and a tasty, experimental, stout rotation.

The first Tree branch was Tree Ultra Light cream ale.  I always try to test a brewery’s cream or wheat ale to see if anyone’s doing anything different.  Though Ultra Light went down smooth and easy there isn’t much else going on.  I could drink a ton of these, but wasn’t really impressed with the flavor.

The second was a killer juice bomb.  Pineapple Creamsicle was a true milkshake IPA.  I’ve had a ton of attempts at this in the past few years, but this one captured the essence of what a thick, creamy and fruit-forward IPA of this style is supposed to be.  Extremely well done.

Next up was The Art of Balance.  The name says it all here: AoB smelled incredible, wasn’t too sweet or too bitter, and has an incredibly present hop and malt profile.  I tend not to put much stock into beer rating anagrams (#AAMFO), but if I did this one ticks off all of the boxes.

The final IPA leaf to fall was Into the Forest.  Not a bad IPA at all, but tough to follow those last two.  Not to mention- based on the name I was expecting some floral and pine, but with what was obviously galaxy hops came a citrusy and tropic nectar that finished with semi-sweet stone fruits.

Let me preface this last beer with the fact that I love that the premise of this site is to visit breweries, wineries, and distilleries on location, all over the world.  There’s a ton of bloggers and YouTubers out there who I like to refer to as ‘whale chasers’.  A bunch of craft beer Captain Ahabs running around only looking for the biggest, badest and highest-rated brews on ratebeer and beeradvocate.  Those people would miss out on this yoohoo in a pint glass.  Banana Pop wasn’t as thick as I’d like an imperial stout to be, but every drop gushed with chocolate-banana smoothie.

All in all, I’m glad there’s a spot like this close to my hometown now, but more importantly, it’s great to see a local, independent brewery with friendly customer service pour great beers and pushing the boundaries of craft beer.  I give Beer Tree Brewing an 8.9 out of 10.

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