Vojanuv Dvur Pivovar

(Prague, Czechia)

Just a stone’s throw from Prague Castle; this quaint little brewery is a must-do on any Prague sightseeing tour.  They don’t offer flights or samples, so you’re going to have to down .5L each time you want to try a brew, but it’s worth it.  They also have absolutely delicious, traditional Czech food.

Don’t ask me how, but we managed to go there twice in the short amount of time we’ve been in Prague, so despite the menu changing, I ended up having all of their beers.

First up was Malostrasky Lager.  This classic Czech style cross between Pilsner and an amber lager is one of the best pilsners I’ve ever had.  Still watery and gross.  Every Czech person we’ve met: “Pilsner Urquell is literally the best beer in the world” Me: (Insert green, pukey emoji).

Next up was the house hefeweizen.  It wasn’t my favorite, but I found its graininess very interesting. It wasn’t unfiltered, but they managed to pack in some body to accompany the banana and cloves.

The 3rd brew on this list I had both times we went because I loved it so much.  Ruby Special is a traditional Vienna style lager and other than having a ton of caramel it offered a delicate balance between sweet and bitter.  Ruby is crisp and clean and really drinkable while still maintaining flavor.

The Editor’s favorite was the Milkshake Fruit Ale and though I liked Ruby better I can’t argue with her choice.  This brew is super smooth with a ton of creamy banana followed vanilla and cherry, like a pack of ’90s big league chew.

Second, to last was Mosaic IPA.  I didn’t hate it, but so far, Czechs are pumpin’ out the best IPAs.

Last up was Dark Raven.  Typically I like a heavy mouthfeel in my stouts, but this one packed enough flavor to make up for it.  Strong coffee in the beginning, while maintaining sweet malts and dark fruits throughout.  Thin but good!

All in all I give Vojanuv Dvur a 7.7 out of 10.



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