Eggenberg Brewery/Cesky Krumlov Historic Pivovar

(Cesky Krumlov, Czechia)

Last month, to take a nice fall trip away, we stepped into the fairytale that is Cesky Krumlov.  From a picturesque castle/chateau to quaint cobbled alleyways, this town has it all, and to top it off?  A 400+-year-old brewery!  The brewery has gone through some changes over the years- most recently being renamed Eggenberg Brewery, but it was originally a part of the 14th century Klaster Klarisek Monastery.

We started off making our way through .5l of each of the 3 beers available on tap, split a full roast duck with bread dumplings, and managed to snag an additional variety pack on the way out the door.

Eggenberg Light managed to be lighter and taste worse your standard pilsner.  No thanks.

Svetly lezak, or light lager, is a typical Czech pilsner.  Not my favorite, but managed to be better than most of the pack.  Since moving here I find them all to be balanced and drinkable, which is what Czechs like, but not many follow that up with any flavor whatsoever.  Eggenberg comes through well on this one.

Nefiltromany lezak, meaning unfiltered, is an interesting twist on a pilsner; think unfiltered wheat.  It didn’t taste like a wheat ale, but I’d describe the addition of flavor characteristics given to the beer the same way.

Much like the Rosenberg from which he descended; Petr Vok fell a bit flat as well.  They should’ve tried some noble hops (haha).

Tmavy lezak, meaning dark, is described as a German dunkel.  Interestingly enough:  I thought Cerny and Tmavy meant the same thing here, but they have a distinction.  Cerny should be lighter and a little sweeter while tmavy is darker and maltier.  This dark lager was just that:  malty, slightly roasted and the perfect beer for a crisp fall evening.

Nakoureny Svihak translates to “smoked dude”.  Though I initially thought this was just a goofy google translation, sure enough, this super-smokey, balanced brown ale was my favorite of the bunch.  Coffee and toffee at the beginning with just a hint of salted caramel in the finish.

Eggenberg Old Czech Style wasn’t bad, but it just seemed a bit like a cross between the light and the unfiltered lagers.  Maybe just how the older recipe turned out?  I think we should have ended with ol’ smokey.

Their beer didn’t blow me away- I know there’s a lot of beer purists out there, but to be frank, I think modern breweries are pumping out higher quality and better-tasting brews.  That being said:  I wouldn’t have traded our overall Cesky Krumlov or Eggenberg Brewery experience for the world.  All in all, I give the Old Cesky Krumlov Pivovar a 7.9 out of 10.


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