First Craft Beer and BBQ

(Budapest, Hungary)

Budapest is creepy, Budapest is quirky, and  Budapest is beautiful, but for the purposes of this article Budapest is delicious!  We spent the night before strolling through markets, eating our fill of langos and goulash, and drinking our fill of the cheap stuff in ruin pubs, so you know we had to track down some quality craft.  Before we get to the beers- shout out to First Craft Beer and Hedon Brewery (next week) for being the ONLY breweries open in Budapest on Saturday and Sunday.  To everyone else- what kind of hours are those?!  In my mind- these two breweries are clearly at the top of the “burgeoning Budapest beer scene”.

We started off with a standard.  Some breweries do IPAs better than others and there’s a vast variety of styles out there, but we tend to try at least one or two at each location. Evergreen IPA was really piney (duh) throughout, but surprised us with a sweet malt or caramel backbone.  It’s not really well balanced- almost like two beers just blended together- still, tasty.

Next up was Double cherry.  Not sure what made it a double unless it was double the cherry:  There wasn’t a high abv or barrel aging involved, bit it was amazing! This brew isn’t a wheat ale with some cherry, it’s not a cherry IPA, it’s straight juice.  Delicious.

Another IPA: Karaoke star was mellow with a light floral taste followed by mead-like honey qualities.  It doesn’t taste it, but smelled very dank like a heavy NEIPA.  Nothing to write home about, but holds it’s own.

Double cherry was so good that we gave their other fruit ale a try.  Blueberry ale didn’t disappoint- this one tasted like the berries were just smashed right in the beer.  Much like the cherry above- tons of puree without being too sweet.  Really nice brew.

Oktoberfest gross.  A sad end to a great lineup.

All in all, I give First Craft Beer and BBQ an 8.3 out of 10.


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