Hedon Taproom

(Budapest, Hungary)

Sorry for the delay this time around!  We’ve been traveling for Christmas, drinking, making big plans, etc.

As I mentioned in my previous article- it’s impossible to find breweries open on the weekends in Budapest (who keeps hours like that?!), so shout out, again, to First Craft Beer and Hedon Brewing.  I walked in and felt like a kid in a candy store.  Hedon presents you with a card that looks like a hotel room key, you scan it to access the taps in the back of the dining area, and go nuts.  Needless to say, I tried all 20 beers they have on tap; in varying amounts, of course, but I still tried every single one.  About half of the lineup was guest taps of local or regionally famous beers, but an impressive 8 Hedon brews available nonetheless.  Very hedonistic don’t you think?

First up, at the advise of the barmaid to “see how it works” was Szerej stout.  I still love this concept, but I felt rushed, the result?  Tinny and gross.  Next!

A quick trip back to the beer wall yielded Credo IPA.  This IPA isn’t going to be winning any awards and might set a group of hop heads into a kerfuffle, but I enjoyed the sweet citrus and malty backbone.

Maci a meggaben pils was umm, interesting?  I don’t love pilsners in general, but there’s no disputing that Czechs are the kings in that department.  That being said- this wasn’t Czech.  I’m not sure what it was.  I didn’t hate it, but I won’t be trying to track it down again any time soon.

Uncle John milkshake IPA was probably our favorite of the night.  This brew is super creamy with tons of lactose.  It’s not really balanced and there’s not a lot of deeper complexity going on, but I can get behind straight forward and delicious.

Next up was Aunt Mary sour IPA.  I get the feeling her and Uncle John don’t really get along anymore. Unless this is an uncommon case of opposites attack.  I don’t know if it’s a brett IPA, but dry, dry, dry either way.

If not for Uncle John Indian Summer IPA would have been the favorite.  This beer, IMHO, is actually really revolutionary.  As it’s name suggests, this late summer/early fall brew was bursting with unique flavor blends.  We picked up candy corn, marshmallows and buttery, toasted popcorn.  Really well done.

Charlie Firpo Rye was another interesting take on a classic style.  It started off straight rye bread as expected, but smelled sweeter than normal and finished with a clean cucumber.

For the second stout flop of the night- Katala Carno.  A lot of metal and coffee beans.  We dipped back for some more Uncle John and Indian Summer before we left.

All in all, two bulls eyes can’t always make up for a handful of missed shots, but combining those two great beers with this awesome bar concept and life-size connect 4 earns Hedon Brewing an 8.1 out of 10

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