Garage Beer Company

(Barcelona, Spain)

Barcelona is a stunning and completely walk-able city.  Not to mention, there’s tapas every 5 feet to help soak up the booze, so a dip into Garage Beer Co was an obvious must.

I don’t normally ask for a recommendation, but I was a little torn so I did.  We started with Soup NEIPA and couldn’t have been happier.  TONS of citra and mosaic with a nice, dense finish.

Up next was Squirrel Men west coast DIPA- I secretly got this because of the name.  In college their was a homeless guy who had, what looked like, a coon-skin cap without the tail who would go around town to dorms, frats, and bars collecting cans.  He was affectionately known as squirrel man instead of coon man for obvious reasons.  The beer wasn’t memorable, but I’ll never forget it’s name.

The next round started with Locker porter.  If I’m being honest it wasn’t bad, but I had higher hopes.  It poured like sludge and smelled divine, but after each sip I just thought ‘meh’.

We saved the best for last:  Airtight imperial stout with chestnuts and blueberries is a collaboration with 3 Sons Brewing and they knocked this one out of the park.  Tons of mouthfeel, tons of flavor, well balanced and just overall, a great beer.  I don’t normally care about things like color and lacing, but in this case, even those were good.


Airtight really helped them lock in a better rating; all in all, I give Garage Beer Co an 8.2 out of 10.

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