Orange Julius (Treehouse)

Heady Topper (Alchemist)

Molotov Lite (Evil Twin)

Another One (Maine)

Fashionably Late (Offshoot)

Half Stack (Singlecut)

Melvin IPA (Melvin)

Jai Alai (Cigar City)

Boom Sauce (Hobo)

DC Mountain (AZ Wilderness)

Two Hearted (Bells)

Splish (Grimm)

Joy Rye’d (Historic)

Nobility (Noble)

Copa- Mango (Novo)

Double Two Hearted (Bells)

90 Minute (Dogfish)

Other Side (Greenport Harbor)

Fresh Slice (Otter Creek)

120 Minute (Dogfish)

OG Mosaic and Chill (Greenport Harbor)

War Paint (BRI)

2 Paws (Paw Paw)

Vital (Victory)

The Oracle (Bells)

Tomahawk DIPA (Backstreet)

Red Devil- RyPA (Galmegi)

2xIPA (Southern Tier)

Rustic Rye (Bootleggers)

Vermillion (Finback)

All green everything (Other Half)

Thunder Juice (The Church)

Payne County (Iron Monk)

Ray’s Gold (Saddle Mount.)

Hardcore Chimera (Finch)

Consolation Prize (Hobo)

That’ll Do (Huss)

2XSmash (Southern Tier)

Bengali (Six Point)

Pomelo (Pasteur St)

Belgian (’16- 2 yrs old) (Jolly)

Hoptical Illusion (Blue Point)

Dipa Penetration (Prison Hill)

Grapefruit Sculpin (Ballast Point)

Tropic Daze (Horseheads)

Mylar Bags (Other Half)

POG (Maui)

Trooper (Sun Up)

Snapperhead (Butternuts)

Green Diamonds (Other Half)

IPA (Finback)

Full Stack (Singlecut)

Tai.P.A (Redpoint)

E3 (Renegade)

Jeju (Hop Mori)

Hop Knot (4 Peaks)

Fathom (Ballast Point)

Mango Smoothie (Turtle Lake)

Swami (Pizza Port)

Iconic (Hangar 24)

Savage AF (Burley Oak)

Old Skool (Mother Bunch)

Pure Hoppiness (Alpine)

Centennial (Other Half)

Comet (Helton)

Thunderhop (The Church)

O-line (AZ Wilderness)

Detour (Uinta)

IPA (Ponderosa)

Hop Snob (Saddle Mount.)

Apricot’s Dream: Rise of the Apricots (Noble)

There you are (p/l) (Threes)

Wheat IPA (Historic)

Point the Way (Golden Road)

Ruination (Stone)

Far East (East/West)

Head Stash AF (Burley Oak)

Luponic Distortion (Firestone Walker)

Blanco (Barrio)

Savanna Marie (Peoria Artisan)

Kukmin (The Booth)

Cat Love (Finback)

Gubna (Oskar Blues)

IPA (Helton)

Five Hop (Sierra Nevada)

IPA (Dragoon)

Orange Peel (Phoenix AB)

Arrowhead (Dubina)

West Michigan (Boatyard)

DIPA (Horseheads)

Evil Giant (Barrier)

Rocket Rye (Laughing Dog)

Hop On Under (Freakin’)

Aftermath (BMBC)

Big Wig (Noble)

Armory (Deschutes)

7 Hop (Rogue)

Reckless (Thom)

White Walls IPA (Mother Road)

Blue Jay (Birdland)

Cherry Stuffed (Redpoint)

Hoppy Poppy (Fig Mount.)

Double Session (Finback)

Rye XPA (Prison Hill)

Long Hammer (Red Hook)

Ghost Hammer (Stone)

Infinitude (San Diego)

IPA (Ellis Island)

Green Blaze (Long Trail)

IPA (Lumberyard)

To The Wall (MRB)

Hopshock (Southern Tier)

Hopportunity Knocks (Caldera)

IPA (Marble)

Torpedo (Sierra Nevada)

Hop Nosh (Uinta)

IPA (The Table)

House (State 48)

Delicious IPA (Stone)

60 Minute (Dogfish)

RAJ (4 Peaks)

Hop House BPA (Ommegang)

Three Pines (Gilded Otter)

Backyard (Cooperstown)

Citrus Mistress (Hop Valley)

Pinner (Oskar Blues)

Mjango Unchained (BRI)

Tessellation (Lone Pine)

8th Street (4 Peaks)

Squall (Dogfish)

Hop Czar (Bridgeport)

Indica (Lost Coast)

Slow (Hand and Malt)

Marduk (Finback)

Live (Southern Tier)

Indiana Pale Ale (Heartland)

Flesh and Blood (Dogfish)

Soul Style (Green Flash)

Pakito’s (session) (Snake River)

Yellow Wolf (Alameda)

Desert Magic IPA (Mudshark)

Citradelic (New Belgium)

Andromeda (Galaxy)

Sleepwalking (Caligari)

Northeast IPA (Helton)

IPA (Twisted Manzanita)

Bad Bob (MRB)

Grapefruit Session (Desert Eagle)

Green Line (Goose Island)

Citramellony (Paw Paw)

Knotty Pine (Lumberyard)

Roadside (Mother Road)

I-87 (Davidson Bros)

Road Rash (That)

Bros (Davidson Bros)

Hip hoppy (Red Rocks)

Modus Mandarina (Ska)

Coast to Coast (Anaheim)

Big A (Smutty Nose)

IPA (Angel City)

BA Gubna (Oskar Blues)

Exotishes (Reeper B)

Big Sipper (Knee Deep)

Wolf Pup (session) (Golden Road)

Buzz Bomb (Desert Eagle)

Hunter (Three Bears)

IPA (Galmegi)

Double-Edged Sword (Turtle Lake)

Mocha IPA (Stone)

IPA (Devil’s Door)

IPA (Pacific Coast)

Jasmine (Pasteur St.)

Organic IPA (Peak)

Tailchaser (Sleepy Dog)

BA Rise of Rio (Huss)

Saab (Caligari)

Minori Session (Budnamu)

Hazey (Caligari)

Hotbox (Oskar Blues)

IPA (Green King)

IPA (Dieselpunk)

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