Old Rasputin (North Coast)

Speedway (AleSmith)

Abraxas (Perennial)

Coffee Dino S’more (Off Color)

Beer Geek: Cocoa Shake (Mikkeller)

Obsidian (Deschutes)

World Wide Stout (Dogfish)

Black Talon (Desert Eagle)

Peanut Butter (Sleepy Dog)

Hammerhead Speedway (AleSmith)

Ten Fidy (Oskar Blues)

Midnight Autumn Maple (The Bruery)

Cyclo Imperial (Pasteur St)

Narwhal (Sierra Nevada)

Milk Stout (Iron Monk)

Birthday Bomb (Prairie)

Mounds (Mother Bunch)

Melange #14 (The Bruery)

Moochelle Nitro Milk Stout (Butternuts)

Sweet Thang (Freakin)

Back Home Gingerbread (Golden Road)

Mother’s Milk (Keegan)

Bubblin’ Crude (MRB)

Prairie Bomb (Prairie)

OCMS- N (Mother Bunch)

Seductive Sadie- N (Backstreet)

Black Chocolate (Brooklyn)

Farmer Johns Stout (Heartland)

Stout (Jolly)

IFR- N (Saddle Mount)

Maple- N (Prison Hill)


Big Boy Pants (Turtle Lake)

Beer Geek: Vanilla Shake (Mikkeller)

Creme Brulee (Southern Tier)

Imperial Stout (Helton)

Sunday Morning Stout (Weyerbacher)

Kalamazoo Stout (Bells)

Warlock (Southern Tier)

Smashed Blueberry (Shipyard)

Commodore (Ballast Point)

Peg Leg (Heavy Seas)

Blaecorn Unidragon (Clown Shoes)

Zonker (Snake River)

Desert Select: Export (Moab)

Double Chocolate (Rogue)

Man’s Milk (Noble)

Munnin (Long Ship)

You’re in the jungle baby! (Evil Twin/Jackie Os)

Choklat (Southern Tier)

Bitter Choc Oatmeal (Stone)

White Russian (Sun Up)

Outer Darkness (Squatters)

Unearthed (Long Trail)

The Hussler (Huss)

Velvet Merkin (Firestone Walker)

Dry Irish (Pasteur St)

ABC Export (Archipelago)

Cinnamon raisin commodore (Ballast Point)

Breakfast Blend (Bells)

Find and replace (Threes)

Special Oatmeal (Triple 7)

Moo Thunder (Butternuts)

Sweet Devil (College Street)

Nitro Oatmeal (Founders)

We’ve been out there in orbit (Other Half)

Monsoon Mud (That)

Breakfast Stout (Founders)

Choklat Oranj (Southern Tier)

Mephistopheles (Avery)

Seoul Stout (Hop Mori)

Imperial (Upstate)

Lugene (Odelle)

Vinyl Stout (Red Rock)

Split shot (Elysian)

Mocha Stout (Hand and Malt)

Hazelutely Choctabulous (Rogue)

Wet Snout (Sleepy Dog)

Dark Truth (Boulevard)

Oatmeal Stout (Breckenridge)

Superstition Coffee (AZ wilderness)

Black Panther (Carlsberg)

Rock Monkey (Redpoint)

Bozo Beer (Evil Twin)

Blue Fin (Shipyard)

Sugar Cane (Mak’s)

Stout (Faxe)

Fuel Cafe (Lakefront)

Let’s Stout (TTBC)

Espresso Vanilla (Galmegi)

Dunkin Doughnuts Coolatta (Bluestone)

Stout (OB)

Out of Bounds (Avery)

Lights Out Stout (Barrier)

Coconut Stout (The Church)

Oatmeal- N (CH Evans)

Organic Choc (Sam SMith’s)

Special Double Cream (Bells)

Cherry Stout (Bells)

Xtreme Bean (Blasted Barley)

Black House- N (Modern Times)

Shot Down (Fort Collins)

Stout (Ellis Island)

Oatmeal Stout (4 Peaks)

Uroboros (Anthem)

Espresso Stout (Hitachino)

Morning Sex (BRI)

Pumking (Southern Tier)

Oatmeal Stout (Uinta)

Oatmeal Stout (Breckenridge)

Imperial Java (Santa Fe)

Roasted Oat Stout (Dubina)

Organic Chocolate (Bison)

Falcon (Birdland)

Hadrigan’s (Water St)

Mescalero (1912)

Short, dark, and wired (Other Half)

Red Velvet- N (Ballast Point)

Gorilla (3 Bears)

Stout (Castle Praha)

Ojuck (Budnamu)

San Quentin’s Breakout (Marin)

Pumpkin Stout (Gilded Otter)

Lyin’ Eyes (2 Brothers)

Guinness Bright

Clax (Galaxy)

NATAS (Finback)

Milk Stout- N (Helton)

Pan American- N (Wanderlust)

Pan American (Wanderlust)

Aun Mas Chili Jesus (Evil Twin)

Bacon Coffee Stout (Historic)

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